User Experience Design


My design experience encompasses user research, mapping, prototyping, wireframing and layout.
Front End Development


Bringing designs to life with code has always seemed like magic to me. I love projects where code is the special sauce that makes a spiffy design sparkle and shine.
WordPress Site?


I want to help organizations that are struggling to create or maintain their WordPress sites.
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Spring Musings from Me

My name is Paul. I currently am living in Louisville, KY and trying to crank out some updates. 

I’m a designer. I’m a coder. I’m a candlestick maker. You know the deal. Depending on the role or situation, I’ve been fortunate to get to use both sides of my melon. 

It has always been hard for me to choose one or the other but I’ve been focusing more on the development side because it’s becoming a larger and larger portion of the skillsets needed and it changes constantly.

I love working with JavaScript (liar!) but I’m not sure I would want a straight JavaScript role right now. I probably need to get back up to speed on Vue or React to feel comfortable in a JS heavy role.

If you happened upon this site, I do apologize for some inconsistencies here are there. Dusting the cobwebs off of the portfolio so it’s a bit of a mess… where is that ‘under construction’ gif when you need it 🙂 


Paul & Sir Watson Esquire

Design / Front End Dev

Portfolio Gallery

A variety of projects over the years that includes web design and WordPress management for a digital agency, design and consulting for a wine marketing startup, and even own of my own creations.