User Experience Design


My design experience encompasses user research, mapping, prototyping, wireframing and layout.
Front End Development


Bringing designs to life with code has always seemed like magic to me. I love projects where code is the special sauce that makes a spiffy design sparkle and shine.
WordPress Site?


I want to help organizations that are struggling to create or maintain their WordPress sites.


Design, Development and Web3

What a great summer! Watson (my faithful Pekingese) and I have really enjoyed playing in the park and he loves it when he gets to take the leash off and roam a bit.

I’ve been fortunate to get involved with some crypto projects over the past few months. Mostly creating graphics and website designs but also learning how to connect to Web3 wallets and display data from the Ethereum blockchain. I have been surprised at how much fun it’s been. Almost like the early years when I started learning about the web.

New technologies fascinate me and turn my brain into an idea generating machine. 

One of my goals this summer was to become super proficient in Figma and I’ve accomplished that. I have been using it for some time now but really focused on learning as much as I could and improving my efficiency designing with it.

Launching a few more sites this month and have an amazing opportunity developing to really dive into the Web3 backend and continue to grow and learn.


Project Launches

Design / Front End Dev

Portfolio Gallery

A variety of projects over the years that includes web design and WordPress management for a digital agency, design and consulting for a wine marketing startup, and even own of my own creations.