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My Role at ChaiOne

I was hired as a Senior Web Designer and Front End Developer in part because of my extensive experience on the design side of web projects. In this role I wore different hats depending on the project.

My primary responsibility was keeping the corporate website fresh and up-to-date.

Other notable responsibilities included:

  • assisting sales with RFPs and proposals by providing input and estimates
  • project management for our off-site developers
  • working with UX team to create wireframes and interactive prototypes
  • monitored our WordPress sites and provided design and development work

Company Website:

Main Technology Stack

01 : WordPress

ChaiOne Corporate Website

Initially, I worked with the marketing team to implement a rolling site redesign. They were using an old WordPress theme that was difficult to update and slow. Over time, the design team and I developed new templates that I implemented into a new site structure.

My Responsibilities:

  • managed WordPress server install and security
  • created custom theme based on X theme
  • implemented new designs into theme
  • worked with designers to create new sections when needed
  • integrated site with 3rd party marketing apps like Marketo, Hubspot and Hootsuite

02. Front End Development

Websites / Apps


ContextHub, now defunct, was an application that allowed you to set up geofences and track devices, people, and events. As functionality grew, I was tasked with updating the layout and reports section.

Project Responsibilities

  • created HTML templates that used Bootstrap & jQuery
  • developed a code library for other developers


Pageflex is a marketing automation company that helps companies deliver customized brand and marketing materials to in-house and external customers. They contracted with my employer to improve the UX and design of their existing storefront and create page templates that their internal team could integrate with their own codebase and APIs.

My Responsibilities

  • coded pixel perfect templates for Pageflex team to integrate
  • developed documentation library for specs and code samples
  • worked with UX team to find solutions when problems arose
Visit –

03. front end development

Mobile / Responsive

Atty911 Web App

Atty911 was developed to help those in need of an attorney to quickly obtain one. I was responsible for taking the designers pixel perfect comps and coding a site that would feel more like an app.

Using jQuery Mobile, I was able to quickly create a site that felt more like an app. 

Nabors Intranet Application

Nabors Industries owns and operates the world’s largest land-based drilling rig fleet and is a leading provider of offshore drilling rigs.

My Responsibilities

First, I and another designer worked on the visual design and layout.

Secondly, I was responsible for managing a team of developers who were implementing the Kendo UI library. I conducted bi-weekly meetings and tested the latest builds.

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