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Fresh Look for a New Business Venture

Terlato Wines is a leading marketer of luxury wines in the U.S. with a portfolio of more than 70 brands and more 90+ rated wines than any other company.

Terlato’s existing website primarily provided some information on their brands and where to buy them in retail locations. They wanted to start selling these wines directly to customers where it was legal to purchase online. They wanted a website that could be managed easily and one that would integrate with their existing fulfillment systems.


Creating a Scalable Ecosystem for the Future

Terlato was looking to the future, but their current systems were built around a world that was quickly dissolving. An ecommerce solution that could integrate with their inventory management and fulfillment systems would help ease the transition.

I was brought in initially to provide UX and design expertise. However, my experience with ecommerce platforms allowed me the opportunity to guide them to Magento, an ecommerce platform that was both open source and well maintained by the community. It was solid and scalable. I recommended this platform and assisted in interviewing backend partners for the integrations with their front and back of house systems.

Methods | Research

Finding our Customers and Mapping Their Behaviors

User Personas

I created a user persona based on interviews of stakeholders, customers, and by reviewing analytics data. What I came up with was an ideal customer profile including their goals, lifestyle and needs. Personas are a great way to see if your design/branding strategy is matching what your users need. 

Customer Journey Map

A journey map is a visualization of the process that a person goes through in order to accomplish a goal. It’s a great tool to understand where the process is working well and where it is failing – your customers pain points. If you do not pay attention to where your UX is failing your product and business will soon follow.

Methods | Design

Wireframes and Visual Designs

These images show the progression from wireframe to initial design to final design. I’m working through the archives to get these in a more digestable format but for now these will have to do.


A Website Built for Sustainable Growth

The new website was launched in time for the Holiday season in 2013 and I continued providing design and development support until 2017. had their highest year of sales in 2015 and they continue to grow their customer base. After the first year I recommended they move their hosting to Nexcess, and that move really helped improve site performance.

The knowledge I gained in helping bring an existing company into the e-commerce space was invaluable. Magento is a great commerce platform and it has served Terlato well.

By the end of my work there I had touched nearly every aspect of the business:

  • market research
  • competitive analysis
  • information architecture
  • project management
  • visual design
  • print design
  • search engine optimization
  • AdWords Management
  • Adding new inventory
  • Email Marketing
  • … etc.