ChaiOne is a user-research based mobile design and development agency in Houston, TX. They focus on enterprise applications in industries such as: oil & gas, financial services, e-commerce, and retail.

My Role at ChaiOne
ChaiOne approached me about joining their team as their first ‘Web’ person. They had primarily worked on mobile applications but they were getting asked to create more and more websites. As a Senior Front End Designer & Developer, I was responsible for supporting the sales, design, dev and marketing teams with technology research, RFP responses, marketing landing pages, and managing the corporate website.

ChaiOne Corporate Website
My involvement with the corporate website was multi-faceted. I managed the WordPress site, installed/updated plug-ins, designed pages, and built templates.

ContextHub Web Application
ContextHub, now defunct, was an application that allowed you to set up geofences and track devices, people, and get reports. I was involved with the front end development of the application.

PageFlex UI Design
PageFlex needed a more user-centric design and product building interface. I worked with our team of designers to create HTML 5 templates and a styleguide for their internal team to use.