I have been designing and building websites professionally since 1998 so I have built over 100 websites in my career. I have compiled some of my favorite projects over the years, from 2000-2010. For my old Flash websites, I created some short video reels of a walkthrough of those sites.

Tuaca Flash Site
I worked with the designer to develop an interactive, fun site for the Tuaca liqueur brand. The site was created with Flash 6 and ActionScript. It won several awards.

Whaler’s Rum Flash Site
I designed and built this website for Whaler’s Rum back in 2003. It had a distinct style centered around the beautifully illustrated bottles. This site won a Silver Addy Award.

John Deere UX Design
In 2010, I worked on a UX design project for John Deere when they were rebranding all of their web properties. I was one of several designers working on various sections of the site.

Short Video Demos
Since Flash is now dead and these sites are really old, I created some short clips showing off some of the interactivity of these projects.

Tuaca Liqueur
I designed some of the elements for this site(another designer was primary design influence) and created all interactivity using Flash and ActionScript.

Whaler’s Rum
Whaler’s Rum was one of many liquor websites I designed and developed using Adobe Flash back in the early 2000’s. This site won a Silver Addy Award in 2003.

Gift of Motherhood
The ‘Gift of Motherhood’ eLearning application was created to walk expectant mothers through the process of childbirth. The program contained guided audio, videos, and links.

Fighting Cock Bourbon
I designed and created a Flash site for Heaven Hill’s Fighting Cock bourbon in 2003. The site had recipes, downloads, and even some Flash games I wrote and animated.

Evan Williams Bourbon
I designed this site for Heaven Hill’s Evan Williams bourbon in 2004. The site had a Flash homepage but the interior pages were static HTML. Features included recipes, games and screensavers.

The site contained drink recipes, style/wedding guides, and even chat using the Flash Media Server. You could also customize the look in the My Hpnotiq section.

The Hondo Group
The Hondo Group was a Fort Worth, TX ad agency where I worked as a Sr. Interactive Designer.
For StollerUSA, I designed the CMS with Drupal and created several interactive demos with Flash

The Glenrothes
I designed mockups for a Chicago ad agency pitching a Glenrothes redesign.