Hondo Green was an internal initiative to create an application that would help small and medium sized businesses better manage their carbon footprint.

Project Overview
Hondo Green was a web based carbon management SAS application that we developed at the Hondo Group. Users could input many different variables about their business to get a snapshot of their carbon footprint with suggestions and tools to help them lower their footprint. This application was developed in-house and I was an integral part of the team.

Application Features
The dashboard was customized to display current projected CO2 emissions by business or company group.
My Plan
This section of the app allowed the user to view their initiative action items, completed items, and progress reports.

To get started, the administrator would be guided through a survey to better ascertain their office’s carbon usage in areas like transportation, water, waste, and energy.

The Green Officer could create company-wide initiatives, receive recommended initiatives to enact based on current trends, and get reports.

Project Roles
My role on this project included research, UX wireframing, interface design, and QA.

I worked hand-in-hand with our expert in carbon management to better understand what the UI should capture, how that process works for the end user, and strategies to encourage employees to input data.

I created initial wireframes using Visio, tested those interfaces with small user groups, and then iterated updates until we were happy with the flow of the UI.

I used Illustrator to create the visual design of the UI and components. The goal of the visual design was to make it engaging, informative and fun to use.

I also conducted QA on the UI upon each release from the development team.