About Me

Designer | Developer 


Learning is Growing.

I love to learn about technology and how things work. 

I tend to be drawn more to coding and programming but also have a strong understanding of user experience and design principles.

My favorite jobs in the past have been ones that allow me to design interfaces for users and then code the interactivity.

I have been fortunate to have some mentors in my life at just the right time to increase my skills and knowledge in both arenas.

What I'm Good At

  • generating ideas and problem solving
  • flexibility – can work within a team or independently
  • knowledge of the entire life cycle of a website – research, design, implementation, testing, documentation, marketing and maintenance

my story

Travel is soul food.

I have lived all over the U.S. which has allowed me to meet some wonderful people and work on some amazing projects.

I have, at one time or another, lived in Chicago, Dallas/Fort Worth, central Florida and northern New Jersey. But Louisville is home now. Just me and my grumpy Pekingese Watson!

My favorite part of traveling to new places is seeing people experience life in different ways from myself. In the past 10 years, I got to travel to places I never thought I would ever see: Switzerland, Sweden, Italy, France, and Amsterdam.

Not a fan of tourist traps so I look to stay somewhere off the beaten path. You get to experience more of the local culture and its usually cheaper too!

Italy was by far the most entertaining and inspiring of the places I’ve been. The gorgeous architecture in Florence, the centuries old history in Rome and the rolling Tuscany landscapes were some of my favorite parts of my journey.

I have tons of photos I’ll be posting soon.


I just wanna dance.

I really love listening to music. Which then leads to intense dance moves and feeling free.

Other things I occupy my time with include gardening, photography, playing golf, maybe tennis, and digesting a couple audio books a week. History, processes (how people generate ideas), and inspirational stories are my jam. I’m also a diehard listener to the Tim Ferriss podcast. I am fascinated by his ability to ask really great questions.

In technology, one of the things I’m really interested in right now is blockchain technology, decentralization and crypto. Cryptography is way above my pay grade but something I find worthwhile as security threats continue to expand.