Alzheimer’s Association

The Alzheimer’s Association is a national non-profit organization that provides services for Alzheimer’s patients. I worked at the national office in Chicago, IL as the Sr. Web Designer for all ALZ web properties.


My Role at ALZ

As a senior UX designer, my role at the National Alzheimer’s Association included research, UX, visual design, front end development, project management, and improving processes in the design department. My accomplishments included a redesign of the Intranet portal, a re-skinning of the existing website, and design of other web properties for ALZ.

Project: Caregiver Center

The Caregiver Center is a microsite that resides under the umbrella. The website had to work within the existing CMS framework, which was very limited. The core Alzheimer’s Association’s audience are older and have various disabilities so usability and accessibility are very important. I designed this site to be easy to navigate and legible. The microsite was launched in 2011.

Visit the Care Center Site

Project: World Alzheimer’s Month

The Alzheimer’s Association designated September as World Alzheimer’s Month to bring more awareness to the disease as well as raise money. To support these efforts, I was responsible for designing a microsite that would support marketing efforts on social media and related blogs. The site allowed visitors to learn about heroes making a difference, buy merchandise that helped fund research, and share their stories on how Alzheimer’s has affected them or their families.

Project: Intranet Portal

When I was hired at the Alzheimer Association, one of my first projects was a complete redesign of their existing intranet portal. This portal is used as a communication tool and document repository for all of the chapters and employees of the Alzheimer’s Association.

Other Projects – For the main national website, I was responsible for giving the site a facelift. I created a new header/footer and updated colors, graphics and other design elements.

Blondes vs. Brunettes – This charity flag football game had grown in importance so I began work on an interface layout for the new website.

Advocates Center – This microsite gave advocates and donors a new place to go to get the latest news on state and federal legislation affecting those with Alzheimer’s and their caregivers.

AAIC – This website supported the international conference on Alzheimer’s research sponsored by the Alzheimer’s Association.