Nabors Drilling Intranet

Nabors Industries owns and operates the world’s largest land-based drilling rig fleet and is a leading provider of offshore drilling rigs in the United States and multiple international markets.


Project Overview

Nabors contracted ChaiOne to develop an intranet portal that would support their internal staff. This intranet should be optimized for mobile devices and use the Telerik Kendo UI to integrate with their .net framework.

Project Insights

My role in this project was two-fold. First, I and another designer worked on the visual design and layout. Secondly, I was responsible for managing a team of developers who were implementing the Kendo UI library. I conducted bi-weekly meetings and tested the latest builds.

UX – Interactive Prototype

After our first iteration of designs, I created a interactive prototype using Axure to test the UI.

Visual Design Iteration

I worked with the design team to come up with subtle iterations on the interface.

Responsive Design

Device constraits change how you design elements like navigation and data tables.

Technologies / Frameworks

  • Kendo UI Framework
  • JavaScript & jQuery
  • Node / NPM
  • Grunt
  • SASS
  • GIT

Fuel of Choice

Time Spent On…

Visual Design
Front End Development
Dev Team Management