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Featured Projects

Terlato Wines

Terlato Wines Web Design Project

Chaione Mobile

Chaione UX Design & Front End Development

Nabors Intranet Project

Nabors UX Design & Project Management

E-commerce (PageFlex)

UX Design, Prototyping, and Front End Development

Alzheimer’s Association

National Alzheimer's Association Web Design, UX, Front End Development

Retrosnapshots E-Commerce

Magento E-Commerce Website - Design & Development

Carbon Management SAS

UX and Interface Design

Rand McNally

UX, Web and Mobile Design, Front End Development

Older Design Projects

Older Web Design, Interactive Flash Projects

My Professional Experience

UX Design

Over my 15 year career I have designed interfaces for content management systems, websites, web-based apps, mobile apps, and even a print publishing desktop OS. I have experience with creating user-researched interfaces that are accessible and easy-to-use.

Front End Development

At the core of front end web development is HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript libraries. I have many years of experience expanding my knowledge of these building blocks while adding knowledge of Node.js, Grunt, and SASS for pre-processing CSS.

E-Commerce Management

My experience with managing ecommerce goes back to early days of eBay. About 10 years ago, I built my own ecommerce store based on Magento. I have designed themes, managed products, and marketed my store using SEO and social media.