UX Designer | Front End Developer

“Styles come and go. Good design is a language, not a style.” –Massimo Vignelli

My Professional Experience

UX Design

Over my 15 year career I have designed interfaces for content management systems, websites, web-based apps, mobile apps, and even a print publishing desktop OS. I have experience with creating user-researched interfaces that are accessible and easy-to-use.

Front End Development

At the core of front end web development is HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript libraries. I have many years of experience expanding my knowledge of these building blocks while adding knowledge of Node.js, Grunt, and SASS for pre-processing CSS.

E-Commerce Management

My experience with managing ecommerce goes back to early days of eBay. About 10 years ago, I built my own ecommerce store based on Magento. I have designed themes, managed products, and marketed my store using SEO and social media.

Design & Development Portfolio

Terlato Wines

Terlato Wines

Chaione Mobile


Nabors Intranet Project

E-commerce (PageFlex)

E-Commerce Client

Alzheimer’s Association

National Alzheimer's Assocation
Older Design Projects

Older Design Projects